Monday, December 09, 2013

Al Sharpton Makes America Wear their Mandela History

Al Sharpton was on Meet the Press where he was in no mood for the predictable whitewashing of America's official hostility to Nelson Mandela.

“I think it is a betrayal of history to act as though as Nelson Mandela evolved the world embraced it. There was a real battle in this country,” Al Sharpton said. “So when Randall Robinson and Maxine Waters and Reverend Jackson led that fight … there was major contention. They were attacked for supporting communists. Let’s remember the ANC that he refers to, they were pursuing freedom. Many of the communist nations embraced them. This country did not. So it is not like they were born Marxist. They were born people seeking to be free. Some of the Marxist nations, either genuinely or in a self-interest way, tried to embrace that. This country did not, and fought that, and denounced them, and denigrated them. And I think that for us now to sugarcoat that is a betrayal of history. We chose sides. We chose the wrong side."


Anonymous said...

Why does none of the mainstream Canadian media point out that Harper was a founding member of the pro-apartheid Canadian Northern Foundation? A foundation that supported the incarceration and execution of Nelson Mandela?

The Mound of Sound said...

I don't know, Anon. Why don't you contact them and find out?

Anonymous said...

I tried, Mound. But, for some reason, nobody is willing to answer any questions.