Monday, December 23, 2013

Wherein Dusty Takes Down the Whole Damned Mess of Ducks and Their Dynasty

Ordinarily I wouldn't post a clip with this much vulgarity but that's what you get from this guy, Dusty, and he does a fine job of plucking the feathers from the Duck Dynasty scammers.

One last warning, this is NSFW - really, really NSFW

Update.  According to the Toronto Star, the Duck Dynasty empire is worth an even $500-million.


Anonymous said...


bcwaterboy said...

Kind of takes the "reality" out of reality tv, but one thing is for sure, these guys are on to a cash generating formula and no doubt the ignorant free speechers will get him back on tv before Sarah Palin weighs in again.

The Mound of Sound said...

What I find wryly amusing, BCW, is that shows like this air on the "Arts & Entertainment" network. Arts? Entertainment?

Dana said...

The history of A&E TV is the history of North American television programming and broadcasting in microcosm.

There are many reasons I have contempt for Disney but their participation in the destruction of A&E is very high on the list.

deb said...

this guy is hllarious, I have been watching his rants on and off for awhile. the duck dynasty one is grand.

kootcoot said...

I like the one where Dusty plays Jesus and tells Murcan Xtians that the rapture is off because they are all assholes who never listened to or read and understood a thing he said!

But most of them I've seen rock!