Monday, December 23, 2013

Sorry, Israel. You Don't Get to Bitch When Somebody Spies On You. Now, STFU.

Israeli prime minister Benny Netanyahu is steaming mad at the revelation that the Americans and Brits have been spying on Israel.  Really, no seriously, the guy is hot under the collar over this.

Israel has, over many decades, freely and persistently spied on its American benefactors without the slightest remorse.  In what is ultimately a strictly transactional relationship like the one Israel maintains with the United States that simply doesn't matter.

Sorry, Benny, it's Christmas.  It's the time for giving.  This year you got a little of your own medicine.  Merry, merry.


the salamander said...

.. sour grapes from Israel.. and hypocrisy ..

Maybe Stephen Harper will help them turn the tables on the US of A.. Spy vs Spy with our very own lyin through his teeth hollow man Stephen Harper smushed in the middle of the espionage Oreo cookie

I await the day when howls of outrage spew from one of the Harper politikal franchises.. the PMO, Caucus, Party, Unelected Operatives or Contracted Election 'Consultant's.. A day when they find they've been bilked, milked, outed and invaded..

Harper's secrets, machinations, operations, deceits and conceits interest me.. and I'm sure 90% of this country.. I'm sure Israel and the USA already know everything about the fathead narcissist smartypants.. and really cares not ..

Hopefully a high level whistleblower like Snowden or partisan puffster like Duffy or a patriotic Canadian will spill the ugly truth about Harper .. and soon.. The stench from Ottawa and Alberta is truly becoming unbelievable

The Mound of Sound said...

What I wouldn't give to see a Canadian Snowden, Sal. BTW, Merry Christmas, if that's the way you roll.