Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Birthday, TC

The venerable Victoria Times Colonist turns 155-years old today.  I look forward to finding it at my door six mornings a week. 

The Times Colonist is suitably unlike other newspapers.  The lead story might be about some great concert performance the night before.   You never know quite what to expect.   I also like the fact that the TC doesn't publish a Monday edition.  Unlike most papers it does, however, publish regular editions on both Saturday and Sunday - when more people tend to be home and have more leisure time to read them.  It's a nice touch.

As this morning's TC reminds us it began as The British Colonist on December 11, 1858.  The four-page news sheet was launched by owner Amor De Cosmos.


Anonymous said...

Lorne said...

May newspapers always thrive, and may they inspire the public with insights.

Elliott Taylor said...

Back when there was both a Colonist and a Times, my family read the Colonist, my dad being adamant that it was the only daily that a good Oak Bay Anglican would ever read.

Happy Birthday Victoria Daily Times Daily British Colonist and Chronicle!

Mound do you go back far enough to remember the wonderful Sid Barron cartoons that ran in the Times for a while in the late 50's? I don't go back that far but I have an anthology of them that I purloined from my father. With their ever-present seagulls, even today they are still hysterically funny.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Elliott. No, unfortunately, I wasn't in B.C. back in the 50s. It sounds like you've got a pretty good keepsake.