Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Andrew Coyne Nails It - Again. It's Not About Duffy. What Matters is the Corruption at the Very Top.

We've probably all run into people who don't get what Wright-Duffy is all about or why it's a big deal or a deal at all.

Andrew Coyne might have been one of those doubters - way back when - but he sure isn't now.


Owen Gray said...

Give Coyne credit, Mound. He thought Harper was a conservative. What he discovered was that the man simply craved power and survival -- and that he would do anything to maintain both.

deb said...

I so wish we could have leaders like Elizabeth May in charge of the country!
I mean the Harper Regime has shown me how almost farce like the govt has become. I wonder how many other world leaders laugh at Stephen Harper and his coterie of lying, cheating bufoons

Anonymous said...

While living in South Korea, Koreans had a few choice comments about Harper. Especially regarding a computerized picture of a Gold Fish Pond on the floor. He asked Angela Merkel "how do they do that". Replied President Obama, "be careful Stephen your don't fall in."