Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Soul of a Monster

The Vancouver National Observer's Warren Bell dissects the dark and rotten soul of the worst prime minister in Canadian history, a diabolically-inclined despot.

We all need to read this to grasp what we're up against in this election, the soul of a monster.


the salamander said...

.. That is one outstanding editorial Mound.. thanks for the link
The most recent Andrew Coyne editorial 'sympathy' sure getting exposure
with its dripping sarcasm and satire for our poor misunderstood PM

the salamander said...

.. further to that editorial.. and the evil twin who 'heckled' journalists at the recent by invitation only, Harper closed event.. as if that was 'heckling' .. it appears Earl Cowan may be the very same Earl Cowan who shouted down Olivia Chow during mayoral debate in Toronto, with 'go back to China Chow' .. the ridiculous lout allegedly is a Rob Ford supporter who only looks exactly like a younger version of PM 'Pudge' Harper.. with the same helmet hair sweep & baggy suit style with bursting shirt buttons

The Mound of Sound said...

I was hoping for some background on Cowan. A guy like that always has a history.

deb said...

that editorial in the VO was fabulous. I so hope that we get the leader that will actually fix the system, unfortunately I think its only Elizabeth May that has the guts.

and I to hope Earl Cowan gets exposed, I am sure there are a host of bloggers and reporters looking at neighbours, friends and coworkers of this guy to see what he has done in the past. I would sure hate to have him as a neighbour.

Unknown said...

"The Soul of A Monster" Finally the MSM is naming who Harper really is!