Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oh, Damn! Jimmy Carter has Cancer.

The most decent president in modern memory, Jimmy Carter, has announced that he has cancer and it has spread throughout his body, apparently metastasized.

He's the sort of gentleman who'll fight it for all he's worth and if there is someone who dispenses miracles I hope he'll spare a bit of time for Jimmy.


Northern PoV said...
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Northern PoV said...

Sad news.

The defeat of Jimmy Carter by RR and the almost simultaneous rise of M. Thatcher.
The tipping point?
Too soon to tell but sure looks that way now.

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Lorne said...

A life definitely very, very well-lived. Mound.

Beijing York said...

You captured exactly how I felt hearing this very sad news.

Toby said...

Jimmy Carter was the best President since WWII. He will be missed.

Unknown said...

I agree, a truly good man.

crf said...

Northern POV, Toby.

I'd rate the resignation of Nixon as more important to some of the woefulness of the world than the defeat of Carter and rise of Reagan or Thatcher. Nixon, policy wise, was pretty darn good: a conciliator, in particular with regards to energy (and, by extension, climate) and international relations. Had he stayed on as President, we would likely be living in a slightly better world today. And his defeat paved the way for U.S. Conservatives that ignored the labouring classes and increasingly engaged in base politics. He was much better, in policy and accomplishments, than Carter.

Carter was a poor president. He set the US on a course necessitating ever-more dominance of fossil fuels in electricity and transport infrastructure (compared to Nixon). His Presidency began the heavy involvement of the US in the Middle East. That's his major Presidential legacy.

What makes Carter great wasn't his Presidency, it is what he did afterward. He is surely the best ex-leader the world has ever seen.