Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Oh Dear. One of the Last Credible Justifications for Big Game Hunting... Well, Maybe We Shouldn't Go There.

One of the strongest arguments big game hunters can raise is when they're killing animals as necessary for population control. Sometimes natural predators can't keep prey species in balance, usually after trophy hunters have killed off the predators. Then we may need to "cull the herd" to keep burgeoning populations under control before their sheer numbers devastate many other species.

Wait just a second. What species is the biggest predator of them all, the planet's one true Apex predator?  Why, of course, that would be us - mankind. We're already devastating many species at a voracious rate, enough that we've pretty much killed off half of the life on Earth over just the past three to four decades.

We're the biggest, perhaps only, genuine threat that imperils our planet's biodiversity leading to the collapse of many species as we near a critical loss of biodiversity that could doom us all to a very miserable way of life. We're the species that seems to have triggered a genuine, mass-extermination event. Aren't we the herd that most needs culling?

We could begin with a pilot project.  We'll put tracking collars around the necks of trophy hunters and set them loose on special ranches where they can be "taken" by those willing to shell out, say, $50,000 for the privilege. Permit holders will be able to "take" their trophy by rifle, bow and arrow, or even just the tires of a giant 4X4.

Then, maybe after we've disposed of the Walter Palmers of this world, we'll realize that culling the human herd isn't such a good idea after all especially when there are other ways to solve our overpopulation problem in just a couple of generations.

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the salamander said...

.. astounding how Cecil, a lion - dead now
& an egothug with money & a compound bow - hiding now
fired up the blogging & twitter world ...

Make a feature film about a beautiful boreal biologist
a sexy visiting nature photographer
confronting a North American government conspiracy extirpating caribou
while fighting court dictated orders for 5 + years to protect those caribou
and coming up with airdropping strychnine poison meat baits to kill wolves
as an environmental solution..
and see how the audience reacts to the obvious bad guys
poisoning boreal wolves... and any other species coming across the poison baits

Yes.. a partial list of collateral victims would be
eagle, bear, raccoon, bobcat, crow, wolverine, ferret, fox
hawk, lynx, raven.. not to mention the wolves
And .. how did the caribou do ?
After all, it was lack of HABITAT .. was` the Root Cause ..

This same government sees more farmed salmon
as the saving grace to dwindling wild salmon ...

We gots a National Disgrace .. that should be feature film
OK .. at least mainstream media could come out of their cocoon ....
and make it News ..

After all it was our current genius PM Harper & Laureen
sitting round the table or campfire or aboard a Royal Navy ship in drydock
discussing this ultimate solution with Ray Novak
& his trusty revolving door of MP Ministers
like Peter Kent, Jim Flaherty, John Baird, Joe Oliver etc etc