Monday, August 31, 2015

Oh Great, Now the Stasi Want to Screen Your Mail

The story of Canada's police apparatus and Canadian civil rights grows ever darker. The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs is after new powers "to seize mail in transit to stem the flow of illicit drugs, fake medicine and weapons through the postal system."

Apparently Canada Post is a willing dupe furthering the efforts of drug traffickers, illegal gun dealers and other assorted miscreants. The Top Cops want the power to obtain a warrant from a judge to wrench that contraband straight out of the fingers of your unwitting postie.

A November 2012 report the R-C-M-P prepared for the chiefs’ organized crime committee revealed that firearms, grenades, a rocket launcher, stun guns, dangerous chemicals and drugs including cocaine, heroin and marijuana were sent through the mail.

Question: how did the cops not catch a rocket launcher getting shipped by mail?
Was it for want of a warrant? Really. Please explain. Or is this just something they forgot to mention when Vic "Hang'em High" Toews was public safety minister?

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