Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lifeboat Europe. Man the Oars!

You've got 20 people huddled in a lifeboat designed to hold 25.  There are 60 people in the water, swimming toward you, each of them intent on getting aboard.  The wind is freshening, the sea is rising and nightfall is approaching. What do you do?

Do you do nothing and let the lifeboat be overwhelmed, casting the 20 already aboard into the water to share the fate of the others? Or do you do what is necessary to protect the lives of those already aboard and leave the others to drown?

It's a tough choice, isn't it, but it's a dilemma now besetting Europe.  Waves of refugees are in the water, swimming for Lifeboat Europe, hoping to get over the gunwales via Macedonia. Many are fleeing the devastation in Syria. Others, trying to find safety in Europe, are migrating through North Africa, heading for refuge in Mediterranean Europe.  They're drowning by the hundreds.

Many Europeans already feel austerity's boot on their necks.  What awaits them if their countries have to absorb waves of newcomers on a scale never before even imagined?

Tough decisions await Europe and you may find some of the answers hideously brutal, to us even barbaric. Wait, our turn will come.


LeDaro said...

Mound, Bush's invasion of Iraq and 'Mission Accomplished' is showing the results. More horror is yet to come. The whole Middle East is destabilized and it is spreading in the whole world much faster than any infectious disease.

Purple library guy said...

IMO, first you should dump overboard the captain who insisted a short time ago on shooting holes in the boats those other dudes were in until recently.

Anonymous said...

Europeans are reaping what they sow. Destroying Libya on their own volition and supporting uncle sam who went berserk in the Middle East (and elsewhere too).

Anonymous said...

Anyong said....The only thing that can be said is; "Countries reap what they sew, as in 'sew; not sow. Perhaps now, people may begin to think about over population including the clergy of all colours." Computer I live in Canada it is "coloUrs" and it is pertinent to the topic.