Friday, August 21, 2015

If the Past Two Weeks Has Taught Us Anything, It's That There Won't Be Any More Debates for Shifty Harper.

Captain LayLow is already far over the horizon and he ain't coming back.  Shifty Steve has undergone his last debate - certainly of this election campaign and, with any luck, for good.

It would make for deliciously horrible television to see Steve standing onstage in a steaming pile of his own entrails, eviscerated by his opponents, especially Elizabeth May. Even the third-raters Shifty has as his aides these days would never allow that to happen.

And so Steve will spend the rest of the campaign attending Potemkin rallies and town halls with carefully screened guests asking manicured questions that all but beg for Shifty's bullshit answers.

Steve's cadre of morticians will do his makeup and hair every morning, adding just the right touch of rouge to his lifeless cheeks and a smidge of colour to his lips. The campaign tour reporters, meanwhile, will give up on asking the same questions and getting the same evasions and will content themselves with wading into the free booze.

I've been wondering whether the Globe & Mail will endorse Steve yet again or whether this time he's crossed even their blurry line.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, this time next week, Don Bayne will be finished spoon feeding the opposition leaders with their scandal news of the day.  Mulcair and Trudeau will have to carry the ball for themselves, earn their keep.  We'll have six weeks to see if either of them is really worth his salt. Me, I'm not holding my breath.

If Harper is defeated, Don Bayne deserves the Order of Canada, because he has contributed mightily to neutralizing Harper's campaign spending advantage.


deb said...

I agree, Donald Bayne might just be the hero for this country.
im sure Duffy will sell that for the movie

Dana said...

Philip Crawley will instruct the editorial board of the G&M to endorse Harper and, like the brave, dedicated journamilists of integrity they are they will tug their forelocks and say "Yes Sir, can I rub your ball sir, it gives me great pleasure."

Unknown said...

Sometimes nobody says it better Mound and yes if Harper is really out in Oct Donald Bayne deserves a medal. He has given us this wonderful gift, the gift of reality, you know the reality that Harper has been saying doesn't exist.It does, something some of us knew all along, but now the whole country knows.

Anonymous said...

...unless his hair shifts

deb said...

yes anon. that margaret atwood piece on hair....was fascinating, why, because the NP pulled it, thank goodness they came to their senses....and reposted it, lol oh minus the important bits against harper. The fools, they just started a war with Margaret Atwood and she has taken to twitter, #hairgate....its would be awfully fun to be able to see Hair Harpers reaction to the whole affair.