Monday, August 31, 2015

Possibly the Most Poignant Tattoo Ever

Bekah Miles suffers from depression.  She captured her existence in a tattoo on her left thigh. To the world it seems to say "I'm Fine." To Bekah the message is  something else entirely.


LeDaro said...

Mound, depression is one of the deadliest disease which is not well understood even by medics. Those who have it know it better. I hope some cure will be found in the near future. Current meds don't cure it that well. Daily news of suicides and violent acts are plenty and scary.

Scotian said...

Nice find on something serious and sad, especially for those of us who have loved ones who suffer from depression/bipolar disorder. It truly underscores the dual nature of this illness, from the outside it doesn't seem like much is wrong, from the inside everything feels wrong and you keep trying to find lifelines.