Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Well Isn't That Just Typical - Two Old Jews...

Who just happen to be totally awesome - Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders.

Chomsky is plainly on board with Sanders quest for the Democratic presidential nomination only he doesn't think the Vermont senator has a chance.

I'm glad that Sanders is running. A good way to bring important ideas and facts to people. His candidacy might also press the Dems a little in a progressive direction. In our system of bought elections he has scarcely a chance of getting beyond the primaries, and even if by some miracle he were elected he wouldn't be able to do anything, lacking any congressional representatives, governors, etc. As far as I can see he's a thorn in the side of the Clinton machine, which is not a bad thing.

For his part, Sanders appreciates Chomsky's support but doesn't share his old friend's dismal outlook.

[I'm] “not as pessimistic as Noam...He’s right, we live in an increasingly oligarchic form of society, where billionaires are able to buy elections and candidates, and it is very difficult, not just for Bernie Sanders but for any candidate who represents working families. But I think the situation is not totally hopeless, and I think we do have a shot to win this thing.”

What comes through when you listen to Bernie Sanders is how much we need so many more just like him - up here in Canada too.


Unknown said...

Bernie Sanders is a breath of fresh air to listen to especially after the republican debate where Trump and ignorance dominated.

The Mound of Sound said...

It's uplifting to see how Sanders' message resonates with so many, especially young Americans. The man is a consummate progressive just when Canada seems to have run out of his type.

Steve said...

Hi Mound, two old jews I wish they where both named Netayahoo. Speaking of Jews and poloriazatin. There is the f35 which Netanyahoo keeps alive, but for Canada its an industrial disaster that Dire Straits would not cover.