Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hey, Greece, Here's a Way Out of Your Debt Crisis.

It might not be a perfect answer but it could be a big partial answer.  Greece is a major gateway country for migrants trying to sneak into the European Union heading for Germany or Britain.

Greece plays an important role as a goal tender for the rest of Europe so why not get paid for its service?  The Greeks could send Brussels a bill on a "cost plus" basis.  All expenses paid - patrolling, interception, interning, processing and returning migrants to whence they came - along with a bounty per head of several thousand Euros.

If one side wouldn't pay I'll bet the other would - the same levy for entry into Greece and free passage across Greek borders into the rest of Europe.

Then Athens could allocate a percentage of the net to paying down their Euro Bank/IMF debt.  Sounds like a plan.

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The Tory Pirate said...

I heartily approve of this approach for its full embrace of capitalism and the entrepreneurial spirit. :)