Friday, August 28, 2015

"Harperman" Lands EnviroCan Scientist in Trouble with the Fuhrer

Call out the Stasi. Fire up the generator and man those alligator clips. It's time for Tony Turner to "ride the lightning."

The guy singing is Tony Turner, a habitat planning scientist who may not be working for Environment Canada much longer.

An Ottawa federal scientist is being investigated for breaching the public service’s ethics code for writing and performing a highly political protest song to get rid of the Harper government.

Tony Turner, a scientist in habitat planning at Environment Canada, was recently sent home on leave with pay while the government investigates the making of Harperman, a music video posted on YouTube in early June that has attracted about 48,000 hits.

Mark Johnson, a spokesman for Environment Canada, said the department wouldn’t be commenting on the case because of “privacy concerns.” He said public servants agree to comply with the value and ethics code — which lays out expected behaviours — when they join the government regardless of their level or job.


Toby said...

That's good. There is also Heave Steve.

There are probably others.

Toby said...

I forgot the James Gordon - #LeaveSteve2015 Theme Song.

Anonymous said...

Toby said...

Back to the point of this thread, Harper's nasty hand has a long reach.

The Mound of Sound said...

That it does, Toby. I wonder why, with the election so close, they moved on this fellow Turner. It's a big gaffe for the Tories, makes them look mean spirited and vindictive - which is the image Harper needs to overcome not reinforce.

the salamander said...

.. like with most Harper related stories .. this one places a challenge upon Mainstream Media to explain who actually made or forced the decision to commence an 'investigation' of the Harperman music & video. Canadians should know by now that the secrecy and machinelike obstruction powers of Harper, his PMO, his 'Justice' lawyers et al are designed to function from top down in the concealment of fact. As I often point out, this the Harper Government that shrugged, denied, and manipulated the access logs to the electoral voter database in the previous election.. so masking their actions within Environment Canada is child's play. Hell, they are already folding the Environment Ministry into Resources.. just go online and see where das Harper has already taken the troublesome child Environment, on behalf of big energy and his own creep ideology