Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Anybody Else Notice? Trump Is Looking Like a Bag of Hammers.

I was struck, while watching NBC news last night, at how Donald Trump is showing  the strain of his troubled presidency.

This is a guy who knows the full value of theatrical makeup and rarely appears in public without two or three thick coats of it but, still, he's looking the worse for wear.

The eyes have it. Trump is sporting new luggage under his eyes, big bags. He looks like his face has been in an accident.

I notice this because I have always marveled at how a guy in his 70s who is said to get by with three or four hours of sleep a night looked, for a guy in his 70s, so fresh. He used to look rested. He doesn't look rested now.

His poll numbers are lousy, well lower than the numbers of Americans who want to see him impeached and thrown out of office. And he's got Adam Schiff breathing down his neck not to mention the US attorney for the Southern District of New York who is busy arraigning people close to or closely linked to this presidential catastrophe. To make matters even worse he's got whistle-blowers emerging from the woodwork and highly-placed insiders defying his direct orders and coming forward to give sworn evidence to House committees.

Is Trump heading for a meltdown? Then again, how would anyone be able to tell?


Toby said...

How could we tell? You got that right. When he was first elected I thought he had dementia as I've seen the symptoms many times. I was wrong but I still think he's nuts.

The world has become very strange. In the face of impending disasters the left is out on planet cuckoo and the right is busily installing populist thugs and lunatics.

TerryM said...

I live for the day when he is impeached and someone has the balls to say to him "You're fired".

Anonymous said...

This Turkey Kurd thing was all arranged to get Trump re-elected. So he could puff his chest up and say, "see I've manged to save the world".