Wednesday, October 02, 2019

The End of the Line for Bernie?

Has Bernie Sanders last best shot at the American presidency come to an end?

Sanders developed chest pains yesterday. He was taken to hospital for an angioplasty. Two stents were inserted in a coronary artery.

That's a real setback at any age but Sanders is 78, in the midst of a grueling campaign for the Democratic nomination, and, even if he succeeded would have to tackle the equally grueling duties and responsibilities of the presidency.

Most of us have seen how two terms in the Oval Office aged much younger, fitter presidents - George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Before that Bill Clinton went through the same grinder. 

Born September 8th, 1941, Sanders would be closing in on 80 if he was inaugurated on January 20th, 2021. 


Anonymous said...

Grueling duties and responsibilities of the presidency? The current president watches Fox news, tweets, and plays golf. Doesn't sound too grueling to me!

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm assuming that Bernie or the other Democratic candidates would have a different standard of duty than the Mango Mussolini.

the salamander said...

.. 'their time has passed'
a few folks need to accept reality..
Hillary 'its my turn'
and Sanders.. 'its my turn'
They need to accept that at best they are 'eminence grise'
or they are boat anchors.. a dragging

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden, he of the plastic smile, loose hands, vast credit card lobbying for high interest rates experience, and champeen of nepotism, is ancient as well. I've certainly read he's gone a bit gaga this past year, as in early senility with little ability to think fast on his feet. And no, I don't spend time on right wing websites reading stuff like that. Some of the Democrats think Joe's past it. Sanders was on form mentally, but Christ, he's more ancient than I am - hope the old boy recovers well - he's a principled man.

The US needs some presidential material with clout who aren't all geriatrics. Trump may well be off his head as well in the clinical sense, let alone his crazy personal outlook, as you've mentioned several times. But it's hard to tell, what with him being batshit crazy anyway.


Anonymous said...

Too bad for Bernie, but that probably does it for his campaign. Remember how Hillary was portrayed as being near death because she tripped on something one day or coughed another time.
However, Ms. Warren may do better with Bernie on the sidelines. And she must be doing something right. Big Wall Street Democratic donors are threatening to back Trump in 2020 if she gets the nomination and now two-faced Facebook’s Zuckerburg is warning he’ll sue the Federal Government if she is elected. So she seems to be a worrisome element to the big bucks folks. I mean support like that from your adversaries is hard to come by. Mac