Thursday, October 03, 2019

Charter Rights Are Not a "Balancing Act," Mr. Trudeau.

When it comes to gaffes, our 'not ready for prime time' prime minister has had his share. That's why Andrew Scheer is breathing down the Liberal leader's neck.

Most of it is not the stuff that an election in a time of climate crisis should hang on. SNC-Lavalin, bad judgment. Blackface, bad judgment. The bizarre costumes in India, bad judgment. You've got to expect that sort of thing from a guy with his wafer-thin background.

There are other things, however, for which Justin Trudeau should be held accountable. His refusal to deliver on his promise of electoral reform is one. His excuse was unconvincing. Thanks to his dereliction we remain faced with the prospect of another Stephen Harper - or his boy clone - savaging the country and our democracy with a sleazy false majority. That is reason enough not to vote Liberal.

Then there's the Liberals' half-assed assisted dying legislation. We know what the law of Canada is and Justin's legislation is not that. The Supreme Court of Canada in a unanimous, 9-0, per curiam decision spelled out every Canadian's Charter rights to assisted death. The Carter decision is crystal clear. A decent government would have had no difficulty drafting the appropriate legislation. That didn't happen.

The Trudeau government thought it had the right to abridge our right to choose a humane death. Mr. Trudeau flouted the law to narrow the circumstances under which a person experiencing incurable, intolerable suffering could invoke that Charter right. It was arrogant, outrageous, unlawful and politically motivated.

Now we're told that Justin is 'thinking' about amending his egregious law - if he's re-elected, of course.
"When it comes to an issue that is so important, so delicate, so difficult for so many families, the government needs to make sure we're getting the balance right, the balance between protecting the most vulnerable, and making sure people's rights and choices are respected," Trudeau said this morning in Quebec. "We will move forward in a responsible way with legislation that responds to that."
No, Justin. You don't 'balance' away the Charter rights of every Canadian. You don't own our rights. That's between us and the greatest thing your father, a Trudeau with spine, did for this country and our people. It's not yours to whittle down to something you find politically palatable. To say you'll take a second look is also a despicable election ploy, about as despicable as they come.

Fortunately, despite the best efforts of the Liberal department of justice, Canada's superior courts are not enforcing Trudeau's politically-corrupted law. Yet this government still puts those whose rights have been defiled, Canadians with incurable, unbearable suffering, through many thousands of dollars in costs and many months of delay to reclaim their Charter rights through our superior courts.

That is nothing short of cruel and abusive.

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