Thursday, October 10, 2019

This Is Why I Don't Buy Singh's Greenwash

Dippers are fond of donning green when an election looms but we've learned, time and again, it's all electoral greenwash.

When in the throes of an ideological aneurism, the BC Liberals moved to introduce a carbon tax it was the NDP that rose in indignation to oppose it, arguing that its pickup truck-driving constituents would find a few extra cents a litre some mortal hardship. Then those buggers rode to power on the strength of their own greenwash.

Horgan still ostensibly opposes Trudeau's Trans Mountain pipeline but he's backing the Site C dam. He's also siding with the forestry industry and its workers on their efforts to savage what remains of our old growth forests. Meanwhile, just next door, Comrade Notley is still boosting bitumen.

Typical NDP. They know there's no risk of getting into power so they can shovel as much horse shit as the voters will swallow.

Meanwhile, MSN reminds us how freely Trudeau's department of fisheries and oceans betrays British Columbia.
A World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada study has recently found that cruise ships dumped 1.3 billion liters of wastewater in BC oceans just off coast in 2017. 
The study concluded that a total of 1.54 billion litres of greywater was generated by general ships, therefore cruise ships (counting in at 1.37 billion liters) are responsible for a jaw-dropping 90% of that sewage. The study focused mainly on cruise ships traveling from Washington to Alaska in Canadian waters.
It speaks volumes that with our salmon stocks in peril (not to mention our Orca on the ropes), the Trudeau regime wants to launch an armada of poison laden supertankers through our challenging coastal waters, refuses to stop the fish farms that are responsible for spreading disease through our wild salmon, and allows cruise ships to dump enough sewage in our coastal waters to create oceanic dead zones. All those cruise ships have to do is wait until they're three miles offshore and they can do whatever they like.
Greywater refers to dishwater, shower drainage, fecal matter, and micro-plastics, to name a few. According to the report, it is very common for ships to dump grey water into the ocean due to the lack of storage on board. 
WWF explains that greywater during is governed by provincial laws, but that these laws can only cover ships within three nautical miles from the shore. Therefore, anything beyond that border doesn’t need to treat or report their wastewater at all.
Oceanic dead zones, FFS! When it comes to my coast, my seas, my old growth forests, neither the Liberals nor the NDP are worth a good gawdamn. And Singh isn't blowing smoke up this guy's backside either.


Trailblazer said...

Typical NDP. They know there's no risk of getting into power so they can shovel as much horse shit as the voters will swallow.

We could say the same about Liz May.

Politics is a difficult affair , a promise here a promise there!
Following through on all promises is not possible; we need an alternative to politics and government as we know it.


The Mound of Sound said...

There's a difference, TB. Elizabeth May has been fighting for environmental reform since she entered politics, back in the Mulroney era. Why don't you remind me when Singh got on the bandwagon.

You can do better than that, TB.

Trailblazer said...

Mound; I was utterly disappointed in Mays performance during the 'great' debate.
Perhaps it clouded my judgement but I don't think she gained any ground.
I will still cast my vote for Paul Manly but I expect little or no change to the regime in Ottawa.


Bill Longstaff said...

"Typical NDP. They know there's no risk of getting into power so they can shovel as much horse shit as the voters will swallow."

Horgan is in power and Notley was until recently, yes? As for Elizabeth May ...

Anonymous said...

So why does Weaver prop up Horgan? Site C and LNG from fracked northwest BC. I think he's retiring or something - this two-faced horseshit is too much for him to take I think, although I read an article on him that he's from a very rich riding and might be an opportunist MLA compared to a "real" Green. Might be sour grapes. But let's face it, there's nutball Green candidates across this land, largely uncoordinated and pursuing old wives' tale environmental remedies that have to be done by Tuesday next week. Luckily my Green candidate is an engineer who recently polled well in provincial bye-election politics. I have no problem supporting him. He's real.

There's more than enough provincial twerps muddying the waters of government across this land and not acting in concert with their federal counterparts. The Cons are least affected because they have the same rutted-path agenda of eons past -- pretend they're for the people and cut taxes for the rich followed by austerity and oh yeah global warming is a hoax. Jeez, but they had to muzzle Ford for being even dumber than a two by four mentality level con - I wonder how much they paid him to shut his trap for six weeks.

Your reaction concerning Singh I find a bit much. The man will win precisely zero seats in Quebec due to the rise of the PQ and their endorsement of C21 - that turban frightens the peasants. The bogey man telling them they're twits. Basically you're accusing him of being full of shit on the environment because of the sins of supposed compatriot provincial idiots. Completely illogical on your part.

Trying to get that vituperative woman Notley to change her mind on anything ain't going to happen - she thinks she's perfect. Does May chide Weaver? I think not. But the BC Greens are traitors too by that measure of not following national policy. Horgan's just as bad for the NDP, by which he and Notley ruined the national NDP by having a spat, let's be clear. But let's not praise that prime primper Cristy Clarke who allowed rampant destruction of BC river banks by IPP hydro con artists, simply because she brought in a carbon tax. A broken clock is right twice a day.

The Cons like the NDP are dead in Quebec, down to 16%. Bernier will be a busboy in a fortnight. The prairie folk are majority dead between the ears so will vote Con. So BC will likely determine the "winner". I hope your green BC doesn't vote in too many Cons.

And the same Norwegian eco-pirates who Rafe Mair used to rail against for farmed salmon in BC, just ruined the Nfld coast with two million dead fish. Seems to me the environmentally "friendly" Norwegians are just Albertans with a better savings mentality, and a swagger that's not justified. They're no more eco-angels than Kenney is.

That's my opinion - you have yours.


lungta said...

what an awesome election
you can just hate everybody
because there are no answers offered
did you read that n California just turned off the power to 2 million
to avoid another wind/line caused fire?

i feel Canadian
because in 50 years my vote has never counted
enjoy your next fptp experience

The Mound of Sound said...

BM, Weaver is effectively a hostage. He can get some concessions out of Horgan or he can bring the NDP down and throw BC into the clutches of the next "Liberal" in the wings.

Horgan knows the Greens can only play their card so far. He knows he can ultimately say "what'll it be, bad or worse?"

FFS sakes I know you're plenty smart enough to figure that out.

The Mound of Sound said...

Lungta, if the polling is credible, a good chunk of Canadians "just hate everybody." Why wouldn't they? Today you get a couple of points more than a bare third of the vote and you win a majority. WTF? The parties that alternate terms in power fear the idea that every voice should be heard, every vote given meaning.

I had a moment when I thought, fuck it, I'm not voting this year. That would be a first, provincial or federal. It made me wonder if these guys, the Scheers and Trudeaus, really care about disaffected, disengaged, stay-at-home voters? I know this sounds like a conspiracy theory but I think the same oligarchic/autocratic tendencies that burn so bright in the US today are smoldering beneath our own feet right here at home?

Northern PoV said...

BC Greens have a little power.
But they've learned that it involves tolorating a some water in their wine.

May's "use CDN energy" is a political compromise, not a sound environmental policy.

Lulymay said...


Your have my sympathy. I have been voting for over 59 years and wasn't allowed to vote until I was 21! So proud I was when I voted and helped elect Dave Barrett - especially after my employer, a local bank, rounded us all up after the doors closed to TELL us who we should vote for (and it was definitely not those socialists that were, old WAC's words, "at the gate").

Barrett did become Premier, but lost the last election when the IWA turned on him because he legislated them back to work. My father was a player in the IWA and President of a large local, so you might understand why I began to question all Unions' motives!

Federally, I don't see much difference between the Libs and the Cons, but there it is: in my lifetime that it is what it is - that in reality has been our choices. At least the Libs understood when the majority of voters did have an appetite for Health Care and a Canadian Pension Plan for all workers, something the Cons would never have considered!

I now view Federal elections as a need for minority governments with the balance of power being held by a 3rd party to at least divert these 2 parties from their obedience to only corporations and the extremely wealthy?

As the Stones' sung many years ago: "You can't always get what you want, but you just might get what you need". I guess I've learned that's how our politics fly in Canada. My hope is that the Greens keep nipping at their heels because eventually a large number of voters will understand the need for environmental protection legislation and that the Libs will get dragged kicking and screaming to create it. The Cons?? never!