Sunday, October 13, 2019

I Can Live With That

338 Canada predicts that Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands will be swept by the Greens and New Dems. The Libs and Cons are trailing badly in every island riding. Good and well deserved.

It seems my riding will remain Orange but the incumbent has shown himself a good guy so I'm fine with that.

At least there'll be not one seat for Chuckles Scheer or for the Prince of Pipelines.


Trailblazer said...

I have my Paul Manly sign at the bottom of the driveway but I am in no illusion to believe that the breakthrough that has supposedly been coming for several elections is about to happen.
I only hope that it does!
Then again , I buy lottery tickets.


the salamander said...

.. being on & off topic here..

I presume you may have spotted several of my comments re Canadian politics.. inc a recent comment to Norm at Northern Reflections.. re the riding we live in plus the riding my son lives in and was raised in. Nathanial Erskine-Smith was a classmate of my son.. it was a plessure to yak with him and his dad when they were door knocking in The Beach(es) .. (the arguement still rages if that area is singular or plural.. but it is one long honkin beach for sure ! And the monarch butterflies have arrived on their journey to Mexico ! Plenty of em !

I like hearing 'on the ground' reports such as yours, as we near the bitter end of this totally tainted election. Mainstream Media has gone to their fainting couches.. .. laugh of the day so far was a dog whistle Tweet from the eminent journo Brian Lilley.. whining about the mysterious guardians of Trudeau the other bulletproof vest evening.. suspicious empty mind, if any.. that lad. He and Kinsella hang together for cocktails.. along with a Newstalk 1010 talk show jock.. known for 'mailing it in'.. though a nice guy

Lisa Raitt is up against a newcomer Liberal.. Adam Van Kouverden .. (the last name spelling has to be blamed on me) .. a revered canoiest.. Olympic star.. fiirst class young man.. who door knocks like he paddled.. and expresses himself faultlessly. Hardly a whisper has reached me re the Maritimes.. so glad to hear news from the West.. and hope young Greta BBQ's Jason Kenney.. and asks re REMEDIATION plans, and METHANE ESCAPE.. and coolection of REMEDIATION $$ goes into retrsining unemployed Oil & Gas workers as remediation exemplars

this link is re the black/brown face scandal, imbroglio, disaster.. as researched by Ms Amy MacPherson.. who I have mentioned in comments to your posts.. Its a long comprehensive read.. but its also a lesson on politics or partisan behaviour. Perhaps the link belongs better in another of your posts.. re the 'other Justin Trudeau'

Northern PoV said...

That would be great news....
Went to the link ... saw prediction that included 1 CPC seat ??

Almost a sweep.

But Polls generally suck and 338 is not highly regarded when it comes to local predictions.

I voted btw ... advance poll turn out is up ... fingers crossed

Trailblazer said...

Whichever political party offers a dollar a beer the day before the election will have a huge advantage!