Thursday, October 10, 2019

Better Than Scheer? Hard to Tell.

Is Peter MacKay planning a comeback? According to the Globe, MacKay's people are laying the groundwork for a leadership challenge if Andrew "Summer Help" Scheer loses on the 21st.
Veteran Conservative Party insider John Capobianco, a senior vice-president at the public relations and marketing agency FleishmanHillard Inc., confirmed to The Globe and Mail that friends of Mr. MacKay have discussed the possibility he could seek the leadership if Mr. Scheer falters. 
Mr. Scheer would face an automatic leadership review in 2020 and senior players in the Conservative Party, to whom The Globe has granted confidentiality to speak about sensitive matters, say he would have difficulty holding on to the top job if he can’t lead the party to victory at a time when many loyalists believe Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is electorally vulnerable. 
Mr. Capobianco and other Conservatives reached by The Globe stressed that no one is trying to undercut Mr. Scheer’s leadership, and that Mr. MacKay and his supporters are working hard to elect a Conservative government on Oct. 21.
Yeah, right.


Anonymous said...

Well, they said all the big names in the Harper government sat out the last leadership campaign afraid they'd lose to the Dauphin. But, MacKay?! He's way to the left of where the party now stands. He's delusional if he thinks he's getting any more rides in a SAR chopper.

Anonymous said...


WILLY said...

Isn't he the one that ended the Progressive Conservative Party, when he bent over for Harper.

I think he was also one of the spear chuckers when Harper hid in the closet, before the horsemen arrived. You know back when our Parliament was attacked

I thought he was still stroking his dog in the Maritimes

hmm why not I guess

rumleyfips said...

Belinda was right.

Anonymous said...

That this is even a topic in the media right now just before the election means that Scheer must really be in trouble. I suspect the Conservatives private polling shows them in a lot worse position than the public polls do.


Owen Gray said...

They're already plotting Scheer's demise. That should tell you something.

John B. said...

We really need this guy. I hope the Baird and Vic come back too.

The Mound of Sound said...

Should we call them "Scheerlings"?

Anonymous said...

All these people like MacKay are doomed to fail. Jason Kenney, who even ignores his pope on climate change, as detailed on Alberta Politics a few months ago, has decided to become PM of Canada. He is getting ready by setting up things like the Alberta "Energy Centre" populated by Con dunderheaded petro-state warriors on Alberta government salary just to see how far he can push things without real recoil.

Judging by the way he manipulated the mouth-breathers of Alberta conservatism into running around like crazed dawgs biting each other and uttering racist remarks while he consolidated three parties into his very own UCP, the other possible candidates to replace the dull-witted Scheer are mere naive gentlemen of the visionless right. And after he glibly gets Canadians to make him PM, there'll be dilbit pipelines everywhere. Notley will be so happy! No more having Singh harangue her to behave like a social democrat.

The man hisself, Emperor Jason 1 of the Alberta Free State, was on the CBC Radio program The Current this morning for 20 minutes. Waylaid from campaigning for the Conservatives in Southern Ontario, far from home but on the job among opinion-makers and future backers, er, Con bigwigs while on the Alberta government dime, he was happy to dissemble on air:

Jason's a proud Canadian, don't you know, and would never ever countenance Alberta separation under any circumstances. Mark that down. However, Albertans are getting really annoyed about lack of pipelines and he might not be able to stop them rebelling. Jason has all avenues of comeback covered like the smarmy guy he is. No blame shall attach to him, no sir! He's the greased pig of Canadian politics. And technology will take care of CO2, so no problem there, he advised. His perennial line these days is, unctuously uttered: "Canadians must understand Alberta's position .." No they don't, and after 40 years of their moaning I'm fed up with it. Oh, and he wants a referendum on equalization. Rich folk like to hoard their money and avoid their social duty, after all.

I'd like to see try to charm Quebec. Blanchet would have him for brekkie - he put down a Rebel Media "reporter" dressed in white surpremacist grey ball cap in the indoor scrum after the English laguage debate. Turned his back on the man and his question about Alberta separation/equalization after the guy claimed "free speech" to ask the question. That was following his initial refusal to even consider such a question from such an obvious "plant". Ezra and Hamish, such great people people, and Hamish is the puppeteer behind Scheer this election. He'd be happy to bow at Jason's feet for a chance at the trough.

Amateurs, these other Cons by comparison to our leading nightmare psychopath. They're not nasty or righteous enough and lack the polish.


The Mound of Sound said...

I expect if there's a Sheer feeding frenzy, Kenney would find a federal leadership shot irresistible. DoFo at one time hinted at federal aspirations but he's pretty much dragged himself out of contention. Who else?