Saturday, October 19, 2019

If Nothing Else, 2019 Might Get Us What We Were Promised in 2015.

Maybe that's what Justin Trudeau always needed, a boot up his backside.  He did seem to take us all for granted after he won his false majority in 2015. He welshed on electoral reform. He went ahead with pipelines, even buying the damned thing. He played fast and loose with our Charter rights to death with dignity. One by one they added up until another majority was not in the cards for Justin Trudeau.

If, as we're told, Jagmeet's NDP emerges on Monday holding the balance of power, we might just get Trudeau to deliver on all those broken promises. That, in its own right, would be just dandy.


Northern PoV said...

Breaking: (always wanted to say that!)

So it seems that WK and the empire-in-his-mind is finally imploding.
And he may take two political parties and JWR down with him.... OK ;-)
He just dropped off social media.

The skinny....
It seems WK has taken $ from CONs, Toronto SUN and .... the Green Party all at the same time.
(if not simultaneously, then certainly within the same election season.)

1) He was paid to smear Max & PPC at least since April by the CONs. (How long has he been on Andy's payroll?)
2) Paid to ???? for Greens
3) He has been part of the JWR/SNC conspiracy from the beginning. (CPC $ again?) (Good friends w the Fraser Inst JWR-spouse).

And what about poor Louise Boutin - May abandoned her after approving her candidacy while dallying with KW & offering JWR the Green leadership.

Most of this is just becoming clear today. I'm not regretting my advance vote but others might.

Northern PoV said...

Ya, just saw the earlier post so mine ain't quite 'breaking' LOL