Wednesday, October 16, 2019

BREAKING NEWS!! - Kinsella Won't Vote Liberal

Warren Kinsella has declared he won't, he can't, vote for the Trudeau Liberals. QFS - Quelle F#cking Surprise!

Gee, Warren, I'm pretty sure most of us guessed that from your over-the-top, relentless attacks on Justin Trudeau, week in and week out. I'd be looking for that star in the east if you said you even might consider voting Liberal.

Oh, and yes, thanks for reminding us - for the millionth time - that back, many decades back, when the conservative ranks were hopelessly divided and Reform and the PCs were eviscerating each other, you worked in the Jean Chretien war room as he successfully pushed on that very, very open door.

The Liberals have changed, we get it. That largely happened when you worked for another Liberal leader, the very learned Michael Ignatieff. What a f#ck-up he turned out to be, eh? What is it they say about how you're only as good as your last... I don't know, fill in the blank.

You're not going to vote for the Trudeau Liberals. We already had that figured out, Warren. What we want to know is do you have another pony in mind to ride although most of the offerings do seem a tad lacklustre.  Maybe a good, swift kick in the ass from Jagmeet might convince your former party that it's time to go back to what it stood for well before Chretien's time. Maybe not.


Anonymous said...

How’s Chretien voting?

The Mound of Sound said...

Jean has campaigned for Justin so I'd guess he'll vote accordingly. I have wondered what he makes of Kinsella's Trudeau hate fest.

Anonymous said...

Some people are only team players until they don’t get their own way. A certain former Liberal Cabinet Minister running in Vancouver - Granville comes to mind.


Ben Burd said...

After this election and the way Kinsella has acted out, in spite, who the fuck cares about what he or his Company says anymore. He is only shouting in an echo chamber, what other media apart from Post media will publish him anymore?

The Mound of Sound said...

It has been bizarre, eh Ben? I guess he hasn't met a bridge he doesn't want to burn down to the pilings.

The Mound of Sound said...

UU, I just checked and they're calling Vancouver-Granville solidly (62-38%) for JWR even though they only show her with a lead of a couple of points.

Anonymous said... has JWR at 30.8% and Noormohamed at 28.9%. The margin of error has it a toss up. (Not sure where you were looking.)

Anyway, my comment was about being a team player, not about JWR's re-election prospects. Also, in spite of her supposedly standing on her principles, if she is elected her constituents will find they have no voice in government - quite a step down from previously. (And, Philpott isn't fairing so well.)


The Mound of Sound said...

Most Canadians, a hefty majority, have had "no voice in government" UU. That's what you call false majority rule. When fewer than two out of five voters manage to nullify the voices of more than three out of five.

No voice in government, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree with you on that. However, I was still trying to make my "being a team player" point. Kinsella is not much of a team player when, if he can't get what he wants, he become a turncoat.

Whether it's red, orange, green or - heaven forbid - blue, if you are going to be part of the team, you'd better be prepared to play ball accordingly.


The Mound of Sound said...

I think he tried to get some sinecure within the Trudeau Liberals but got rebuffed. As I recall it he even asked about getting a riding nomination in the GTA. Hell hath no fury like a Kinsella scorned, it seems.

the salamander said...

.. the incumbent in Mr Kinsella's riding is Liberal Nathanial Erskine-Smith.. dunno who from other parties is contesting that riding. I was chatting with Nat & his dad the other day while they were door knocking.. he was a classmate of my son. I often suggest he and Michael Chong start their own party.. maybe they could scoop Mrs Philpott and Ms Wilson Raybould ..

Regardless, Warren Kknsella gets one vote in his riding. As do I. I don't ask my son who he'll vote for, nor would I ask The Boss who she voted for.. just as I don't ask how much dinero in their bank accounts.. I keep secrets better than anyone on the planet. At the same time, I am outspoken on certain matters.. so its common knowlege re those matters. One could leave any Christmas presents unwrapped till Christmas Eve and I would never peek.. but I get that folks like to hide em.. hell, I hide folks presents !

Bottom line.. Kinsella's VOTE.. weighs exactly as much as that of a prisoner in maximum security or a pensioner in Nova Scotia. No more, no less. So he can descend the elevated levels, as his non-vote is neither news or Holy Writ.. or worth some sort of shock value.. or breaking news. So cancel the trumpets and marching band. If he's a commentator on some media outlet that The Boss is watching or listening to.. count on it.. she'll change the channel. We both have a more diverse and rich background in the music and culture of Queen St West.. than he boasts.. and no we never caught his band

Whatever.. he accused me .. 'the likes of you' .. of defaming him.. so sue me dude.. be sure to bring along a shred of evidence or proof and fascinate the judge by wasting his time.. its just impulse acting .. and seemingly more and more an enormous need for attention.. perhaps its a business strategy.. what would I know. I like the subtle shock value of smokin certain people like him.. or Jason Kenney. Hell I was living & working in Swan Hills, Alberta when Jason was but a gleam in his daddy's eye.. do I know 'oil patch' ? I was there when it was just starting to really cook.. and the wells were coming in.. So no, If Kenney blocks me on Twitter and I have never been to his account.. or Kinsella 'banishes' me.. its to laugh.. and I have a huge sense of humour.. thus Kinsella's non-vote 'bresking news' amuses me..

The Mound of Sound said...

Judging by Kinsella's commentariat, his following is now all Tory anyway. We like Tories who turn on Tories. They like supposed Libs who turn on Libs. At the Sun he's a bit like Hannity's Colmes only Colmes never showed such animus to the Dems. As I recall it, Colmes usually stood up for the Dems. Can't say that for Kinsella.