Saturday, October 19, 2019

If You Think This Election Must Place the Environment First, There's Only One Choice

When it comes to climate change this election has been swamped in greenwash. Justin promises action - haven't we heard that before? Andy, well he's not really promising anything.

Jagmeet has been drowning himself in green paint but his plan isn't much better than Trudeau's.

The three of them, if they lived up to their own hype, would still leave Canada in the 600-650 ppm range and that is the path to climate catastrophe.

There is another party and it has a plan that would take Canada back down to 450 ppm. That, of course is the Green Party, the only one that's not feeding you horse shit.

CBC hired the economic modelling firm, Navius Research, to scrutinize each party's platform on greenhouse gas emissions.
The NDP’s plan, which is being touted as "A New Deal," only outperforms the Liberals by about 12 megatonnes. Meanwhile, their plan would have a more significant negative impact on economic growth. The party's plan relies on government funding for many of the policies — things like $1.5 billion for green innovation, $2.5 billion for home retrofit incentives and $6.5 billion for electric vehicles and transit.

"The NDP relies on inefficient government intervention, but also on the myth that reductions can happen by hitting large industry instead of final consumers of coal-fired electricity, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, et cetera," said Mark Jaccard, a professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Resource and Environmental Management.
Then there's the Green Party.
The Greens have proposed policies that radically transform some Canadian industries. They propose, for instance, banning oil fracking, which means shutting down most oil production in Canada outside of the Alberta oilsands. 
"The Green Party is the only party that is taking us to deep levels of decarbonizing the economy and deep emission reductions," said Carter.  
"They give us a fighting chance of doing our part in the global community of keeping global temperatures to a 1.5 C of warming."

"When I look at that GDP data I'm actually pretty reassured," said Carter. "I mean even the Greens have what we've been calling the most radical policy here. They are not bringing us into recession. This is not a recessionary picture at all."
Jagmeet is a nice guy. I get that. But he's 'orange' and orange has never done green very well. He threw something together because he figured it was a vote winner but the Dippers haven't thought it through. They simply looked the other way for years while the Greens really focused on giving Canadians "a fighting chance."


Anonymous said...

You also need a strong economy in place if you are going to tackle climate change.


Northern PoV said...

When the Green leader ....
Repeatedly betrays one of her candidates (the disreputable-JWR again at last night's Vcr Green Rally)
Dallies with the worst in Cdn politics (WK)
Allows anti-choice sentiment via "free votes" - same as CONs position
Promotes absurd 'buy Cdn oil" positions

it is time to vote NDP.

The Mound of Sound said...

UU, I guess you didn't notice the analysts' evaluation that there's nothing remotely recessionary in the Green platform.

As for the Chatelaine piece, I've followed Katharine Hayhoe for some time. The Texas-based, Canadian-born, born-again scientist has done great work trying to convince her evangelical breathren to break their scriptural shackles.

My take on this report can be found at Marie Snyder's blog, "A Touch of Absurdity." I won't repeat it here.

Yes, we do need a strong economy and the Green plan provides for that while providing for a reduction in GHGs to 450 ppm. Trudeau, Scheer and Singh's plans, IF they ever lived up to them, would leave us in the 600-650 ppm range.

You won't have an economy if you trash the environment. You've got the cart before the horse which is how the Liberal plan must be presented. Sad, really.

The Mound of Sound said...

NPoV, I get it. You're voting NDP. Great. Just don't be under any illusions that, on the environment, Singh's platform is barely better than Scheer's or Trudeau's. Responding to that by going off on tangents is hardly persuasive but thanks for playing.

Pamela Mac Neil said...

Hi Mound. I will also be voting for the Green Party. First time.

Stu said...

Every time I read/hear the phrase "economic growth" my eyes sort of glaze over. Infinite growth on a finite planet. (most) Economists, Ugh.

The whole "net-zero" emissions still relies on the construction of vast amounts of machines that can suck billions of tons of C02 out of the air and store it somewhere forever.

I'd say Green is the least bad option.

I thought this was interesting :

the salamander said...

.. as I read this post .. on Election Day In Canada plus carefully review all comments.. UU and Stu in particular.. I have the lixury of 'time' unlike perhaps 99. something of Canadians, my freelance house painting allows me mucho flex time, can set my hours somewhat, to suit me. Today I will take off the morning to vote & to read a lot of 'material'.. then head to my son & daughter in law's renovation for touchups.

Unlike 'whipped' elected MP's.. I must be responsive to client needs, demands.. or even whining. I communicate openly and honestly.. my execution of the 'scope of work' folllows every damn single thing I ever said or memo'd.. I even have before & after or in progress photos. Does that in any way resemble how OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS behave ? I only get paid, in stages.. by delivering the goods. If the paint don't leave the can.. it aint on the wall. Fortunately, my son & wife had a fab contractor with fab trades.. so I have great surfaces to cover

I must be an idealistic fool.. to think the daily painting of history in Canada tracks as my work requires. I have no clients who could accept me building a backyard shed when I was hired to paint.. (buy a pipeline) or use political donations to hire Kinsella et al for black ops.I'm not hired to flit about pimping for work.. I'm hired for specific very physical all day effort.. paint from the can - to where it needs to go.. not what I think.. its about what they want. Where did this 'Scope Of Work' for so called 'Public Servants' who WE choose .. get totally lost, the moment we hired them ???

The Mound of Sound said...

Pamela, Stu, Sal - thank gawd this miserable election is over. More pissing on each others' legs than anything else and the outcome is almost certainly to reflect that.

This was the election the Greens really needed to stage a breakthrough and it doesn't appear that's happening.

Every objective they sought will be much harder to reach four years from now and more costly.

This was an election we needed to stand up and vote for our young people, those who cannot vote but whose future we're deciding with our ballots. We simply didn't answer that call.

I do hope I live long enough to see them rise up and claim what is theirs, their due.