Thursday, October 17, 2019

"Trudeau Should Step Down" - Yeah Sure, Chuckles.

Andrew Scheer says "modern convention" holds that, should Justin Trudeau's Liberals fail to win more seats than the Conservatives next week, Trudeau must step down and allow the Conservatives to govern Canada.

He's wrong.

"Modern convention" says that no one should ever deign to become prime minister without first demonstrating an ability to hold down a job, any job, in the private sector for at least two consecutive years running. No one, whose resume consists of "summer help, counter clerk" should ever be considered fit for premiership. Never, ever.

Show me a 40-year old guy who submits a job application that lists under 'job experience' a 6-month stint in 2005 as a counter clerk in a mom and pop insurance agency and doesn't get asked to leave the premises fast before they call the cops.

Elizabeth May to the Rescue.
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said Thursday it is "astonishing" that party leaders "don't seem to understand our system."
She said Scheer is knowingly "misleading" Canadians about the country's parliamentary traditions. 
"The convention is quite the opposite of what Mr. Scheer is telling people. I'm not advocating it. I'm explaining what the rules are. The convention is the party that held power before the election has first crack at seeing if they can hold the confidence of the House ... Mr. Trudeau, gets first crack at it," she said. "We elect 338 MPs and they have a right to decide who should form government at the end of an election." 
In Canada's system of Westminster parliamentary democracy, the prime minister and the cabinet must answer to the House of Commons and they must enjoy the support and the confidence of a majority of the members of the chamber to remain in office.


Anonymous said...

Scheer has no excuse for not knowing better, he was House Speaker! And what a crappy speaker he was. Bercow would have eaten Scheer for breakfast and spit out the bones.


Trailblazer said...

Scheer is running scared!


The Mound of Sound said...

Yes, Cap. Bercow is now the gold standard by which all speakers must be judged. He truly demonstrates that Scheer is, and will always be, a summer help counter-clerk.

Owen Gray said...

I'd never thought of Scheer as Alfred E. Newman. But the comparison is appropriate.

The Mound of Sound said...

That's from the National Observer, Owen. And, yes, it's a fitting likeness.

Northern PoV said...

Our high opinion of Bercow is not shared by all...

"John Bercow wasn't there, but his influence was still heavily felt.

Six of the nine candidates vying to replace him as Speaker sought to define themselves against the man who has held the job for 10 years.

During the discussion, criticism of Mr Bercow's tenure ranged from the subtle to the blunt, with Conservative MP Shailesh Vara labelling him "a verbal playground bully".

"He demeans colleagues. He insults them. That cannot continue," he said

And Labour's Chris Bryant said he would bring an end to "long lectures from the chair"."

Anonymous said...

Just my view on Scheer's pivots, or pirouettes of late:

1. Despite his impressive résumé in the private sector as a gofer in an insurance office for a few months and . ..

2. Despite his impressive CV and academic credentials and ...

3. Despite his intensive indoctrination in 'Conservative' politics, policies and ethics ...

... I doubt it was his epiphany that, should the Conservatives fail to win government this election, they are doomed to be a rump party from this point forward because Proportional Representation is a likely result of the upcoming election results.

Let's call it 'Cornered Rat Syndrome?' When in mortal fear it's natural for any organism to .. ahem . . . decide the Marquis of Queensbury Rules go out the window.

I think the Conservative brain trust, such as it is, recognise this may be their last grasp at the brass ring . . . for a long, long time.

The irony is, they have brought them themselves. Karma. smile

j a m e s

Anonymous said...


"The irony is, they have brought them themselves." That should read, The irony is, they have brought this on themselves.

j a m e s

The Mound of Sound said...

Hard to argue with your take, James. What a gawddamned mess.

Trailblazer said...

Blogger Northern PoV said...
Our high opinion of Bercow is not shared by all...

True, he pissed off both sides of the isle.
In doing so I figure he was ,at least, trying to be fair.
BTW, did you hear the interview with Bercow by Michael Enright?


Northern PoV said...

Thanks for that.

A good listen. When compared to Bercow, or even Peter Milliken, Andy Scheer is a dollar-store cipher.
If he becomes PM, we'll deserve it and it will be Jr's legacy.