Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Could This Explain the Big Advance Poll Turnout?

I voted in the advance poll. It seems that a lot of us did. 29 per cent more than usual.

I have wondered what that early turnout heralded. The Globe's Gary Mason thinks he knows:
“I voted in the advance poll because I just wanted this thing over with,” a friend told me on the weekend. “A group of us all did. It’s been the most depressing election campaign I can remember.”
Hey, I think he's on to something. That's why I went to the advance poll. I too just wanted the damned thing over with. I've never experienced an election this dismal and dreary with a slate of such second-rate leader material to choose from. It's a real shit-show, folks.  They're all shooting at slow-moving targets and no one is scoring a hit.


Northern PoV said...

You may not like it but

Yves-Fran├žois Blanchet
Jagmeet Singh

have scored a few hits.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah but I'm not sure, outside of Quebec, that they're having much impact. I was mainly focused on the pissing contest between Scheer and Trudeau.

Lulymay said...

I'm anxious to see what Ontario contributes to this yawn-fest, Mound. If they go with the Cons, especially after the duggie frod impact, then I know that Canada is in far more trouble that even I anticipated -- and I'm not particularly hopeful!

Maybe that suggested BC, Washington, Oregon and California alliance is not such a bad idea after all?

The Mound of Sound said...

It has a place in my heart, Lulymay. Far from the madding crowd.

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Northern PoV said...

"I'm not sure, outside of Quebec, that they're having much impact"
OK, so much for the stiff upper lip.

May may keep her seat.

Apparently all the parties use plastic signs - except the NDP who use paper.