Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Everyone Has a Mandate. Where's Yours?

Now, let's get this right. Justin Trudeau's Liberals got 30 per cent of the vote, slightly less in total numbers than Andrew Scheer's Tories. Because of FPTP that translates into a minority win for the Libs.

Yet you would never know it from Trudeau's victory speech last night in which he spoke about some grand 'mandate' he had received from the Canadian people. If seven of ten voters don't support you where do you find this mandate, how far up?

It was like Sports Day at the pre-school. Everybody got a blue ribbon last night for participating and, to hear them tell it, everybody was a winner.

No wonder Canada is so screwed up. I'm with Suzuki and Stephen Lewis on that score.


John B. said...

Every immature democracy should expect to have some growing pains. Just wait until we're sixty million, if we manage stay alive that long. How many seats will they have to stuff behind the tables at Charlottetown?

rumleyfips said...

Well Mound I bet there were days at work when you were not the best employee in the room ( I know it happened to me ). But you still got paid. That is a participation award and that is the way the real world works.

Anonymous said...

The Cons fought far fewer viable three way races in Ontario than the Liberals. That takes down the Liberals absolute popular vote count. Out on the big wide prairies, Cons got huge majorities that plumped up their vote numbers to no advantage but gave a larger overall vote popular vote. The BQ got a similar vote total to Lizzy May and got 10 times the seats.

FPTP is utterly useless.


Anonymous said...

At least it's over ... laugh

As a political pivot point, Canada has muddled through again. That is my best analysis of where the nation is.

This election, in my view, was Canada saying, we want better government, less politics. Our national identity is; peace, order, good government.

Omit the latter of those three ... one and and two go down like dominoes. laugh

This parliament is representative of Canada ... I think quite closely.

But, this parliament must recongnise it's not the Official Opposition they are up against. As citizens I think we are all very uneasy. Much like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs ... one mistake and . . . well no one wants to let the Secession cat out of the bag do we?

A real response to Climate Change.
Proportional Representation.
A response to Income inequity.

If one of those aspirations gets done under the current government, I have my doubts. But, you never know.

It's good to be Canajaneh?

j a m e s

Trailblazer said...

This election has proved that we want proportional representation.
The numbers say so.


the salamander said...

.. a retort for James comment.. and a general thought as well.. Not a criticism of his comment either. I like the long tail cat tale too. But.. Canadians who can cut the mustard, who can manage to mount up and ride like Paul Revere.. or behave like Laura Secord also did not.. be about as inconspicuous as a wolverine in a beauty salon (H/T to the late Robert B Parker and his 49 novels built around 'Spenser')

If govinment aint gonna get er done.. well somebodies else have to get er done.. I don't use the word 'proud' anymore.. it's been hijacked. I prefer hardass, blunt, busy, active, crafty, nasty.. I revere exemplars. hell I collect them. I find with few exceptions, (can count em on my fingers.. the politicians I respect) OUR elected political animals are simply walking talking points & happily collecting the salary and growing gold plated pension and expense free life style. Many are also utilizing insider information and getting rich off the stock market. That is illegal by the by. They bilk taxpayers.. Jason Kenney is the poster boy, they delight in cronyism.. again, examine Matt Wolf, Kenney's golden boyo. How ks Ray Novak doing with unemployment, Jenni Byrne ? How bout the oracle Gerald Butts..? Bill 'job churn' Moreau.. sure rhymes with Trudeau.

Mainstream Media cares not.. witness PostMedia.. I feel for the honest journos still employed in that toxic foreign owned entity.. But back to my premise.. I'm afeard its up to us.. the wildcat Indys.. tl take up the slack & get er done. Holler out loud, pots n pans in words and deed.. leadership, letters to the editor, every little thing we can wring from social media, expand the crew, build the corps.. challenge the vacant and stale model of neoliberalism.. kick ass, get our stomping boots on, clean the rats from the granary, save our fresh waters, our species, habitat, enforce transparency and accountability from politicians..actual action re carbon and methane, remediation for the nation !!!!