Saturday, November 29, 2008

Abuse of Power

Since Harper came to power nearly three years ago, he has constantly exploited his minority status to rule as though he'd achieved a solid majority, as though he'd actually won a mandate for some sort of platform.

Harper, who so self-righteously condemned the Martin government when it did try to govern as a minority, pulled out all the stops once the RCMP handed him a squeaker of a win. Not only did he show contempt for the views of the opposition - the majority of Parliament - but he was thoroughly meanspirited, manipulative, even malevolent about it.

Now, despite having been denied a majority by the Canadian voters again, Harper thought it was enough to promise cooperation with the majority opposition and then do whatever he liked. That better than three out of five Canadian voters wanted to be governed by someone else is of no moment to Steve.

As Harper chimed endlessly during the Martin years, a minority government prime minister has a "duty" to work with the opposition. He never bothered to clarify that he wasn't talking about a jackboot thug like himself.

It was bad enough that Harper governed like an Emir in his first government. Then, running true to form, he called a snap election despite having denounced that very sort of thing when it suited him to appear somehow moral. But - and here's the kicker - when you pull that stunt, and the voters still deny you a majority - it's time to respect the Canadian public and accept that you're a minority prime minister. That means being open and conciliatory with the opposition majority. It means working with them to advance an agenda that has the strongest possible consensus.

Steve talked the good game but wasted no time in making plain that he was, yet again, lying to the Canadian people and lying to parliament. He had a second chance but treated it dismissively instead of respecting it for what it was.

Too bad, this joker has shown he can't help but abuse the limited power entrusted to him. We can't have a guy like this hanging around for another two years. Dump him now. Tell him to pack up his things and look for new digs.

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Beijing York said...

There is no possibly sane reason for the the opposition parties to pursue a coalition government. With Harper, there are few windows of opportunity and this is it. To back down now would be a huge strategic blunder that Harper would use to his advantage.