Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Limbaugh Sagging in the Middle, Hannity Muddled

Just had a troll through Rush Limbaugh's web site. I'd expected to find wall to wall vitriol but there wasn't much of anything. A small story about Democrats rigging the vote in Pennsylvania, a Rush quote about Obama destroying Rush's America but that's about it. Maybe Limbaugh is struggling with an attack of gas.

Sean Hannity's web site has a poll asking this question:

With ACORN fraud, military ballots missing, and people voting more than once do you believe that Obama would have won this election without all those situations?

What a piece of lowlife crap. He won by 7- million votes, Hannity! The man is a real sphincter. The picture above was posted on Hannity's site.

Nothing much on Ann Coulter's site. Apparently she's busy making guest appearances on Fox today to get her anal glands drained.

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