Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Global Warming a Hoax? Ask Exxon

Do a post about manmade global warming and you're almost bound to hear from the bottom feeders snidely claiming that it's all a hoax. They've always heard about some study or some conspiracy or some cover-up.

These enlightened few come around often enough that it's safe to say they're not burdened with any weighty intellect. It soon becomes apparent that they've found the "truth" from sources such as NewsMax, Fox or even our own National Spot. What never dawns on these types is that their information sources are generally misleading, sometimes outright lying to them.

Who can tell what is the reality of anthropogenic global warming? Why Exxon or BP or any of the other giants of Big Oil and Big Coal, that's who. Why them? Because who else has as much treasure at stake as the fossil fuel industry facing the prospect of ruinous curbs on their enormously profitable undertaking?

Look at it this way. There's nothing - nothing - that would please the fossil fuellers more than legitimate research showing that mankind's use of gas and oil isn't driving global warming. There'd be hundreds of billions of dollars to be had just by disproving the IPCC scientists and their findings. Even legitimate, peer-reviewed and defensible research casting serious doubt on the IPCC would be fiercely and loudly championed by Big Oil and Big Coal. Better yet, any of the denialist scientists who could come up with such valid research would stand to reap billions from their efforts.

Isn't it curious that Big Oil and Big Coal don't even try to pretend any longer that the science behind the theory of global warming isn't conclusive?

As in so many of these tough issues, you can get a pretty good idea of what's right by simply following the money.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more...follow the money...and how much money has Al Gore made with his often wrong predictions...

The Mound of Sound said...

Well anon, that's a typically inane response, perfectly in keeping with denialist dolts. You can't handle the reality of the facts posed, have no response to why Big Oil and Big Coal haven't produced anything - anything at all - to refute the IPCC, so you take a swipe at Al Gore. Really, truly, profoundly pathetic Anon.

Let me guess, you didn't make the cut on your school debating team either, did you?

Anonymous said...

"Let me guess, you didn't make the cut on your school debating team either, did you?"

MOS....I just had to respond. Good blog but do you know that the owner of ExxonMobile...Esso in a lawyer. Yep! Absolutely! How do I know...I've known him in the past personally. You would think he would know better than to espouse the garbage regarding the environment that he does. Like Harper, he travels the world and he knows just what is happening to the environment. You and I know what is happening especially since I live in Asia, but don't lower yourself by making the kind of comment at the end of your response to anon, it doesn't suit your writing. A. Morris