Friday, November 21, 2008

The Double Standard of the Red Serge

Just what is the RCMP policy on when to try to influence an election? A report in today's Globe & Mail claims that the mounties deferred an investigation into Maxime Bernier's relationship with Julie Couillard until after the last election campaign:

The meeting with the former minister occurred on Nov. 4, three weeks after the end of the recent election campaign, during which the Mounties interviewed other Conservative officials about the same matters.

At the time, the RCMP seemed hesitant to approach Mr. Bernier for fear of appearing to disrupt the campaign, including his efforts to retain his seat in the riding of Beauce.

Enough said. Could it have anything to do with the appointment of a Tory apparatchik to run the force?


penlan said...

Sure looks like it to me. Whatever Stevie wants, Stevie gets.

Guess it was ok to target the Libs during election campaigns though.

What filth! Nothing but vermin.

The Mound of Sound said...

No argument here.