Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Games for the Social Conscience

Found this at The Guardian. It's a webpage at molleindustria.org where you'll find a selection of free computer games aimed at your social conscience.

Try "Oiligarchy" described as: "Now you can be the protagonist of the petroleum era: explore and drill around the world, corrupt politicians, stop alternative energies and increase the oil addiction. Be sure to have fun before the resources begin to deplete". Or how about "Faith Fighter": "...the ultimate fighting game for these dark times. Choose your belief and kick the shit out of your enemies. Give vent to your intolerance! Religious hate has never been so much fun."

My personal favourites are Tuboflex: "The need of mobility has grown to excess since the first years of the millennium. That's why Tuboflex inc., the world's leading Human Resources Services organisation, created a complex tube system that make it possible to dislocate employees in real time, depending on demand." And don't forget Tamatipico: "Tamatipico Is Your virtual flexworker: He works, he rests and he has fun when you want him to! Raise his productivity but pay attention to his energy and his happyness because he could get injured or strike."

The games are all downloadable, free. Find these titles and more at:


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