Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why Should Canada Fear Obama?

One fanciful bit of nonsense you hear from McCain supporters up here is that Obama will be bad for Canada. Didn't you hear, he wants to re-negotiate NAFTA? Why it'll be the End of Days, the Rapture maybe.

Let's just see how well the last eight years of Republican rule have worked out for Canada. Our number one trading partner, the one we're so terminally dependent upon, has gone headfirst into the tank due to a drunken orgy of deregulation and greed. In the process the US poured trillions of dollars of bogus securities on global markets that have every Western country reeling on the edge of a worldwide recession. Our own government has had to inject $25-billion of taxpayers' money into our banks - for starters. We're all bracing for worse to come.

And I'm supposed to be afraid of a Democrat taking the White House?

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Jason Hickman said...

If we assume "A" exists, that doesn't mean that "B" doesn't exist.

In other words, you can be 100% right in your assessment of the Bush years vis a vis Canada. Still doesn't mean we want "Our number one trading partner, the one we're so terminally dependent upon" to start reopening trade deals.

I'm just saying, as happy as Canadians-at-large may be over Obama's likely [as of this writing] win, his administration could cause some headaches for us. Hopefully, the protectionist talk was more or less campaign rhetoric.

Now, when he starts twisting our arm to stick around in Afghanistan beyond '11....