Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hey Yappa, Stop Being Such a Ding Dong

So Yappa has come scurrying to the defence of that blogging miscreant, Liv4evr. But, having slagged those who stood up to this weasel, she notes she won't be accepting comments to her post.

Well, Yappa, here's one - you're suffering an immense moral deficiency. This guy mentioned one of us by his proper name. Think about that. Try getting your mind around that reality. Let is somehow sink in.

I have a good idea what you are but I don't know who you are, and we're all the better off for that. You, me, everybody. But to a person with a family, with kids, there's a genuinely ugly dynamic to being identified, by name. Others already know where you live, now they have your name. There was no need for that narcissistic jerk not to remove the offending comments. No one was asking him to remove the post itself, just the worrying comments with the direct, personal detail.

I'm sorry Yappa but you are way out of line on this one, way out. Try not to be so self-absorbed, stop preening, look at it from a concerned parent's point of view. You can do that, can't you?


Anonymous said...

Keep attacking Liberals. Hey the more you and other bloggers tell people they aren't Liberals, I guess the more they will take their money and their votes elsewhere.

A lifelong Liberal from a family of lifelong Liberals has now left, this blog site, possibly the party. His money and his vote will probably go elsewhere next time.

Attacking a female liberal blogger of which there are precious few will do nothing but continue the hemorrage of Women from the Liberal party, and minorities.

By the way, Liberals raised less money than the NDP last quater. Keep it up perhaps whenm Liberals raise less money than the green Party and get less votes you and others might stop attacking people, telling them they aren't Liberals and demanding they conform to your ideas or be attacked and bannished.

Smells like brown shirts to me and to a lot of other people too.

Like I said, women , minorites, money and votes, leaving the Liberal Party in droves. Oh yeah did I mention bloggers.

Stop this now. It's only hurting the Liberal brand.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for the censure, anonymous. Brown shirts? That's patently offensive and renders your other complaints irrelevant. So he was a Liberal. He said he wasn't but, then again, I don't know who this guy was and, I assume, neither do you. His anonymity was always protected. No one attempted to breach it, no one.

If it was your name and locale being outed, I'm sure you would be howling in outrage. It's not so you're not. There's a real ring of self-service to that.

I find the "brown shirt" reference more than a bit curious given that it's also appeared in the comments under his last pity post.

Anonymous said...

Mound of sound, I have seen female bloggers have their names, professions and family matters made public on liberal blogs with no complaints in fact, most liberal bloggers were in the cheer leading section.

The brown shirts are the ones that tell you you don't have a right to a political opinion, and if you have that opinion you will be attacked and vilified and told you are "not a Liberal"

I stand by that comment and it is more pervasive among Obama supporters in the states. The totalitarian tactics encouraged by the Obama campaign absolutely smell like brown shirts. The Chicago thugerry has gone a few steps further and actively attempted to stiffle free speech banishing and cutting off reporters who dare to ask questions, and going after a man who asked a question when obama stopped in his front yard. Joe the plumber had all of his records made public and an active campaign to attack and discredit him came straight from the Obama campaign. For asking a question????

Yeah it smells like brown shirts, and it's bubbling over to Liblogs.

A Liberal has every right to support John McCain in the Presidential election and to voice that opinion, which is how this all started. There are Democrats supporting John McCain. If you don't believe in that right, then you smell like brown shirts, and I don't use those references lightly.

If people can't voice a political opinion on a political blog, associated with a Political Party, then that political party may not deserve people's support, which is my main point. People who believe in the right to free speech and expression anyways.

Attacking life long liberal will not help this Party.

The Mound of Sound said...

What does any of this have to do with Obama supporters and Nazis marching through Munich streets by torchlight in 1933?

Let's set the record straight. We use this vehicle to express our opinions and, having done that, we invite comments - negative and positive.

I never criticized that anonymous blogger for his opinion so give your head a good shake on that point. Didn't happen. This isn't about his opinions but about a malevolent comment that exposed personal details about another blogger.

If that's okay with you, that brown shirt you're somehow smelling is the one on your back. And I'm not saying that lightly either. So take that offensive gibberish of yours and put it where it belongs.

Is this miscreant's conduct somehow to be condoned because he is, supposedly as you claim, a "life long liberal?" Does it make any difference whether he's a lifelong conservative or an adherent of the Aryan Nation or any other form of crackpot?

As for your pathetic lament that it's unfair for me to respond to criticism of me by Yappa because she's a woman, just how sexist are you?

You have a few twists and kinks you seriously need to work out but I'm really not sure that's likely to happen.

So, anonymouse, be on your way.

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