Monday, November 03, 2008

There's Been Good Times, There's Been Bad Times

Curious, innit? Ontario, which for decades has fed the national equalization machine now takes an economic hit, becomes a "have not" and just in time to see the federal Tories rejig the deal in a way that'll slash Ontario's due.

As Ivison reports in today's National Spot, under Flaherty's 2007 reform, Ontario should have been in line for about a billion in equalization benefits. Under Flaherty's 2008, 'election safely in the bag' reform, Ontario will be cutback to something in the range of 200-300 million instead.

That's Harper and Flaherty's thank you note to all those naive Ontario voters, their way of saying, "You play ball with us and we'll stick the bat straight up your ass." Quebec is apparently in for its own unique form of proctological retaliation from the Harpies for denying our Furious Leader his rightful majority government.

This year's lineup of "have" provinces comprises B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador. You Libs should think about that when you shortlist your leadership candidates to Ontarians and Quebecers. Curious, innit?


Anonymous said...

MOS.....don't you think we should try and entice Primier Williams of Newfoundland to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party? Aww gees...he doesn't speak French. Smile!!! A. Morris

Raphael Alexander said...

Hey! Now Ontario knows how the average user of EI feels! You put in thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. You finally need it, and they tell you to wait six weeks and then they hand you a cheque for $350.