Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Deal Closer - the Left Coast

Somewhat reticent CNN has just declared Barack Obama the 44th president of the United States.

The polls hadn't even closed yet in California, Oregon and Washington but that didn't matter. Even Wolf Blitzer knew the Left Coast was indisputable. Pundits could speculate about how Pennsylvania or Ohio or Florida would break but nobody could have any honest doubt about the Left Coast or what security if afforded Obama.

Just as the slave states were McCain's (and welcome to them, John), the well-educated, prosperous and socially tolerant West Coast, - California, Oregon and Washington - with their 72-electoral college votes could be counted to anchor Obama's campaign. He really didn't have to do an awful lot of campaigning out here - and he didn't.

If those 72-seats were even remotely in play for the Repugs - McCain or anyone else - the nets couldn't have dared call this for Obama. But noone, nowhere, even debated where those votes would go. The Pacific Northwest is decidedly - dare I use the word - liberal.

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