Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You're Gonna Disenfranchise WHO?

There are few who wear their political heart on their sleeve like Tim Robbins. Somehow when Tim showed up at his poll today, the same one where he's been registered, where he's voted in every primary and election since 1997, his name had gone missing from the rolls. It led to a ruckus. Robbins refused to accept the provisional ballot option and here's why:

Robbins marched down to the Board of Elections where he got his registration verified so that he could return to his poll and vote.

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Volly said...

I sent out an e-mail blast in late September to everyone, including several who never hear from me otherwise, to my shame. I gave the link to the website that you can use to double-check your registration status and polling place. Quite a few people responded with "What's the big deal? I've voted in every election since blah-blah..."

I hope a few of those people checked the website anyway. I even hope that maybe one or two of them found an irregularity and got it corrected. Voter manipulation is one of my hot buttons. After the 2000 election, I cannot understand why it isn't everybody's.