Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Asper, Pack Up & Leave. Your National Post is Toast!

Shouldn't Lenny Asper be busy trying to salvage something out of the ugly disaster he made of Daddy's CanWest media cabal? Instead he's busy smearing any Canadian with enough conscience and courage to oppose Israeli excesses. Here's Lenny's fetid delerium from the lead editorial in today's National Toast:

...the Tories don't mind smacking down radical groups that spout hate even as they demand multiculti handouts from Ottawa.

Perhaps the best example of this involves the Tamil Tigers (and their Canadian supporters), whom the Liberals never had the courage to brand as terrorists -- that job was left to Stephen Harper. But other examples present themselves as well, such as Mr. Harper's clear support for Israel during the Lebanon and Gaza campaigns, at the United Nations and elsewhere -- even in the face of strident opposition from the Canadian Islamic Congress and other terror apologists.

So, if your view of the Israeli-Palestinian problem doesn't tightly conform to Lenny Asper's, you're a "terror apologist." Once again Loudmouth Lenny proves why Canada will be so much better off without media tyrants of his ilk.

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