Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pakistan's Perfidy

American government officials claim that officials of Pakistan's notorious Inter-Services Intelligence agency are still aiding the Taliban in planning strikes in Afghanistan. From The New York Times:

The support consists of money, military supplies and strategic planning guidance to Taliban commanders who are gearing up to confront the international force in Afghanistan that will soon include some 17,000 American reinforcements.

Support for the Taliban, as well as other militant groups, is coordinated by operatives inside the shadowy S Wing of Pakistan’s spy service, the Directorate for Inter-Service Intelligence, the officials said. There is even evidence that ISI operatives meet regularly with Taliban commanders to discuss whether to intensify or scale back violence before the Afghan elections.

If these accounts are true, then we're getting precisely nowhere in Afghanistan and the Pakistani military intelligence service has decided to throw in with the insurgency on that assumption.

Even Musharraf wasn't able to rein in the ISI and, with the civilian government in Islamabad teetering on collapse, it plainly can't either.

Fight with the Canadian Forces - fight the insurgency, fight the corrupt central government, fight the narcotics barons, fight the warlords and, for good measure, fight the Pakistani military. Can you see where this is going?

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Oemissions said...

RAWA spokeswomen say that even if the US send a million soldiers they will never be able to fix Afghanistan.