Friday, March 27, 2009

Business Leaders Get It - It's Much More Than Global Warming

The fundamental weakness in many approaches to global warming is that it's taken in isolation. Yes, we have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, drastically cut them. But we need a holistic approach to a whole series of looming problems of which global warming is but one.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development wants water, energy and climate change issues directly linked.

"Water is everybody's business. It is used to generate energy, and energy is used to provide water. Climate change will affect the use and availability of both. It is important that we get the policies right," said Björn Stigson, the organization's president.

"The World Water Forum in Istanbul has done a lot to focus attention on water, energy and climate change. But there is still a significant gap in addressing all three together at a global level. We must link them in the climate negotiations to have any real hope of finding a solution."

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