Thursday, March 26, 2009

Survey - When Will Harper Be Deposed and Who Will Do It?

It's hard to imagine Harper surviving yet another minority election - either way. He must be nearing the end of his rope. Either he delivers a majority Conservative government or he's booted out the back door.

I'm sure the knives are coming out. Harper's not a very likeable guy. His sort always makes more enemies than friends.

So, weigh in. Who's going to do the dirty deed? When? Will Harper flee Ottawa on his own or will he be driven out? Will the CPC remain Reform dominated or will that run its course with Harper's fall?

Oh, and by the way. Does anybody know why Bill McKnight will be giving evidence when the Oliphant inquiry into Mulroney begins on Monday?

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Oemissions said...

After the Convention in Vancouver, the Liberals will surely know a little more about where they are at.
Before that, if they don't support Bill C-311 which is now in Committee after 2nd reading today, people will be seriously mad.