Friday, March 13, 2009

Stern Talk on Climate Change

Nick Stern, the economist commissioned by the British government to evaluate the impact of global warming, has returned to castigate politicians for failing to accept and act upon the climate threats facing mankind.

His stark warning about the potentially "devastating" consequences of global warming came as scientists issued a desperate plea last night for world leaders to curb greenhouse gas emissions or face an ecological and social disaster.

More than 2,500 climate experts from 80 countries at an emergency summit in Copenhagen said there is now "no excuse" for failing to act on global warming. A failure to agree strong carbon reduction targets at political negotiations this year could bring "abrupt or irreversible" shifts in climate that "will be very difficult for contemporary societies to cope with".

In a significant break from the scientific tradition not to comment directly on policy, the experts insisted politicians must stand up to "vested interests that increase emissions" and "build on a growing public desire for governments to act". They called for a "shift from ineffective governance and weak institutions to innovative leadership in government, the private sector and civil society".

Now I realize this is only 2,500 legitimate scientists and not the 300 or so tobacco lobby nutjobs corralled by the Heritage Institute who believe that warming is caused by sunspots, aliens and voles and merely mask a looming Ice Age

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