Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catholics Recoil at Obama Speech to Notre Dame

The Kid-Diddler Brigade is outraged that Barack Obama has been invited to speak at Notre Dame university's commencement ceremonies next month. Seems to have something to do with Obama's decision to take America out of Dark Age fundamentalism by lifting bans on stem cell research in the United States. From The Guardian:

Nearly 90,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Notre Dame University, in Indiana, should withdraw its invitation to the president and rescind its decision to award him an honorary degree.

Bishop John D'Arcy, of the diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, has promised to boycott the ceremony on 17 May. He said the decision to invite Obama was "shocking".

He said: "While claiming to separate politics from science, he has in fact separated science from ethics and has brought the American government, for the first time in history, into supporting direct destruction of innocent human life.

Conservative Catholics in the blogosphere have been much more vituperative, referring to the president as a fanatic and "Barack Aborter". Anti-abortion groups have promised to demonstrate at the university during the president's visit, including displaying graphic images of aborted foetuses to those attending the ceremony.


LeDaro said...

Conservative philosophy is incredible at best. No abortion. And frozen embryos, even if they are being thrown away, must never ever be used for scientific purposes to cure diseases. However when a person is in this world then Cons are ready to send these kids to wars, suffer from all kind of diseases, let them die on the streets or put them in jails so that prison business keeps flourishing.

Lyn said...

It was a complete mistake to invite Obama to give this address in the first place. He has no business at any event where he might get the opportunity to speak to and influence people. Really any of the Notre Dame grads who have to sit through Obama's speech should consider the value of their diplomas to have been cheapened.

And why the hypocrisy about conservative Catholics? What is that? If you're Catholic do you get to pick and choose which commandments you want to obey. I favor abortion but I understand sincere Christian opposition to it. Can't understand why a single Catholic would welcome Obama anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, one of your white sisters slept with a Kenyan man and Obama was conceived. What do you think of that?

You’re truly a white trash.

John Watt said...

Wow! I had no idea we we living in a "Dark Age" of fundamentalism. Just to clear up any confusion, there has never been a ban on stem cell research, embryonic or any other. Obama reversed the policy that forbade the government funding ebryonic stem cell research. One does not have to be a conservative Catholic or a conservative of any kind to understand reasoned opposition to ebryonic stem cell research.

The Mound of Sound said...

Well John, I guess you don't get out much. Yes we are living in a Dark Age of fundamentalism - Christian, Jewish and Muslim. Here's something else you need to know - it's all poison. Read Chris Hedges' book "American Fascists" if you're interested in exploring the topic. He's a veteran war correspondent with a masters in divinity from Harvard. He gives a pretty decent exploration of the subject. Or you can read Kevin Phillips "American Theocracy." Or you can read the testimony that's coming out from Israeli soldiers who rampaged through Gaza. Or you can read any of the abject lunacy that spews forth from any of the many Islamist groups. Or you can pretend that this isn't happening, that these venomous groups aren't undermining peace, freedom and democracy.

Oemissions said...

Does this apply to Wall Street, Banks, usary and an ideology that supports greed?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes in God is a "Catholic"....let's get that one straight. The Roman Catholic Church..meaning the Bishops and the Pope tell Roman Catholics what they are to believe "all the time". There still exists the "battle of the cradle" within the confines of the Roman Catholic Church. The RC Church wants total control over the world population. Only then will they be happy and of course the ban on birth control will be lifted.

The RC Church doesn't mind scientist finding cures to cancer or any other desease that may affect them so what is the big issue with stem cell research. Governments provide money to medical research units all the time why not this. If one of my relatives were suffering from Alzheimers then I would want a cure. If that means taking stem cells from anyone especially in the family to provide a cure then I would be willing to give up a few of my cells.

It is stupid to stop the President of the United States from addressing students at a University. It is a group of people who want to control over their congragation. The RC Church is great at keeping one hand on the head and the other on the crotch. Where in the Bible does it say anything about medical science. This is a case of the RC Church still practising Galileian tactics. I for one do not want to return to the "Dark Ages".