Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Coven Gathers Again

The usual mixed bag of warlocks and Druids is gathering again as the Heartland Institute sponsors yet another International Conference on Climate Change. The conference, of course, is not about climate change or the endless flow of scientific research confirming it. It's about folks like Fred Singer getting together to convince each other that there's no such thing as anthropogenic global warming.

The conference is being held in New York for three days beginning this Sunday. Featured speakers include the president of the Czech Republic (assuming he's not needed for begging duties at the EU); the in some circles notorious Richard Lindzen; deep space astrophysicist Willie Soon; Harrison Schmitt; and Nir Shaviv who believes that passages through the Milky Way's spiral arms were the culprits behind Earth's ice ages.

So get ready for it. Assuming the National Toast survives that long, we'll soon be greeted by Lorne Grunter emerging from his cave to pronounce on the scientific consensus that global warming is a myth. Yippee.

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