Monday, October 22, 2012

Against Our Will, Without Our Consent

The only thing Steve Harper can count on if he tries to ram through the Northern Gateway pipeline/supertanker project is a united British Columbia determined to stop him.

Even our unelected/unelectable/outgoing premier, Crispy Clark, knows what awaits Harper.  “Heaven forbid, it would be a national political crisis. Whether or not people supported the pipeline, they would band together to fight the federal government if they decided to intrude into British Columbia without our consent.”

That's right, band together to fight the federal government.   There are plenty of people who will go to jail before the first tanker docks in Kitimat and most of them have got kids or mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters who won't stand for seeing their loved ones banged up in Harper's cells over this.   Who knows it might even fracture the Conservative Party.

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