Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Grounds for Divorce

Is Steve Harper trying to engineer the breakup of Canada?  That might be just what the prime ministerial bully boy accomplishes with his closet trade deal with China.

The deal, that no decent Canadian, emphasis on decent, would ever accept may be Harper's way to endow China with the leverage to coerce British Columbia into surrendering on the Northern Gateway pipeline/supertanker catastrophe in waiting.   Out here it's already being called "economic treason."

The deal apparently empowers China to sue anyone and everyone who impedes their access to Athabasca bitumen.   That, presumably, would target the people and province of British Columbia.   We would be coerced, through lawfare, to bend a knee to Beijing and Ottawa.   Harper has loaded the pistol and put it in Beijing's hand to hold to British Columbia's head.

This would also be the very last straw.   It would shred the final bonds of confederation and spark a powerful sovereignty movement in British Columbia - or worse.

If Harper is abusing Canada's sovereign powers to beset British Columbia with the excesses of a brutal, totalitarian foreign sovereign power, what choice does British Columbia have but to proclaim its own sovereignty?

And for you who think this doesn't really matter, imagine how long it would take Quebec to join British Columbia in ditching this poisoned confederation.


Kirbycairo said...

I think you are right, there is a very real danger here. IF nothing else the coming events could at least help to focus people's attention on a trade deal that is nothing short of treasonous. And once the deal is seen for what it is, a vast majority of Canadians will oppose it, the Harpercons, and everything they stand for. As I said in my own blog, I believe that this is Harper's Waterloo - somewhat ironic considering that he probably believes it is his legacy.

Anonymous said...

The folks in BC elected 21 Conservatives to sit in the Harper government, which gave them more than a majority of seats in the Canadian parliament.

The citizens of BC (and other provinces) should lobby their Conservative representatives to cross the floor, to other parties, or to sit as independents.

The loss of the Conservative majority in parliament would lead to the end of Harper in Canadian politics.

the salamander said...

Harper's Waterloo will be his 3rd and final prorogation
of Parliament, Democracy and the Canadian electorate ..

When he orders the RCMP and Canadian Forces
into the Great Bear Rain Forest to take out The First Nations
and all those who stand with them...
and they refuse his order to do so ....

This is not about British Columbia.. or Alberta
or politics ...
This about conscience versus unconscious
right versus wrong
intelligence versus ignorance