Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parliamentary Cyber-Hacker Attacked Quebec Government

Who was Javier Doyon-Tremblay working for when he used a computer inside the House of Commons to launch cyber attacks on the Quebec government?

The RCMP says the man, who also worked as an RCMP computer specialist, performed a series of attacks on the Quebec government in April.   The press release suggests that Doyon-Tremblay might have been working for Anonymous in launching the attacks.

“While working at the House of Commons, [Mr. Doyon-Tremblay] allegedly hacked into the network and gained administrative privileges. He then would have proceeded with uploading a malicious program which would have targeted the Government of Quebec’s main website,” the RCMP said.

According to his Linkedin account, Mr. Doyon-Tremblay worked as a LAN administrator for the RCMP and as a support officer in the information technology department of the House of Commons at the time of his alleged attack.

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