Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Olive Grove War Re-Ignites

How do you steal a Palestinian's land?   It usually begins by destroying his olive groves.   Destroy his livelihood and then you can claim the land unoccupied and build a settlement.

It's the olive harvest on the West Bank and, true to form, Israeli settlers with the help of the Israeli Army are on the attack.

The Palestinians are pleading for the international community to send observers to their lands, hoping this will force the Army to restrain the settlers' land grab.   Maybe Ottawa could do the right thing for a change.   Nah, forget it.

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Anonymous said...

The Harper government and supporters are purveyors of hate, bigotry and destruction, both domestically and internationally.

The sickness of the Canadian body politic will not be cured until the cancerous growth that is the Reform-Conservative party is removed.