Friday, October 26, 2012

Even Albertans Don't Want Chinese Ownership of the Tar Sands

The China Institute of the University of Alberta has released a poll showing that Albertans, by better than a two to one margin, oppose investments in the province's fossil fuel resources by Chinese state-owned companies.   And it's 64% against and just 15% for Chinese investments that amount to total ownership of oil and gas resources.

It seems like Albertans think one authoritarian government stirring up their tar is plenty.


Anonymous said...

Harper has already sold huge chunks of the tar pits, to Communist China. Harper has permitted China, to bring over their own cheap labor. Harper even said. China can bring swarms over to build the Enbridge pipeline. Canadians don't get the refining jobs. Harper gave those to China too. Harper has permitted all the company's, to hire cheap Chinese labor.

Alberta has flung a lot of dirt at BC, for opposing the Enbridge pipeline. BC citizens have no say over Alberta. However, Alberta feels quite free, to dictate to BC. Premier Redford seems to think, it is her God given right, to force her dirty Bitumen, onto BC.

We are dead set against Communist China. We absolutely don't want that country, on our Canadian soil. However, Premier Redford and Harper do. We say, they are Traitors to Canada. It's High Treason, to sell us out to a Communist country. I did not get that impression from Alberta, what-so-ever.

Owen Gray said...

With his geographic base opposed to the Nexen deal, Mr. Harper would be courting political suicide to let it go through.

Purple library guy said...

While I applaud this late venture into a sensible protectionism and safeguarding of national (or if one prefers, provincial) assets for our own citizens, I really don't think having, say, Americans own our oil is particularly better.
Take the ownership out of the private sector, like most countries, and we can all breathe easier.

The Mound of Sound said...

Owen, it seems Harper is already getting cold feet on the Nexen deal.

PLG - I'm with you on that only Alberta has chosen to flog off the resources and settle for a pittance in royalties. For all the rugged individualism bullshit they seem far more inclined to lay back and let someone else do the heavy lifting for them. That's why Albertans are always left holding the shit end of the stick when world prices collapse.