Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New York Governor, Mario Cuomo, Warns There Are More Sandys to Come

New York governor Mario Cuomo spent part of the day inspecting the subway station being restored beneath Ground Zero that was heavily flooded in the recent megastorm.

The clip doesn't seem to have made it to YouTube yet but, in the middle of the interview, Cuomo surveys the damage to the not yet restored subway station and warns that Sandy is just the start and that New York state needs to prepare for more Sandys to come as similar storm events increase in frequency and severity.

Meanwhile as Eastern Canada reels from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Steve Harper is busy in South Asia flogging bitumen sludge to India.   What a fearsome asshole we have for a prime minister.


Anonymous said...

"What a fearsome asshole we have for a prime minister."

Fearsome asshole - yeah, that would be Steve....

bcwaterboy said...

Many adjectives describe harper and fit well before the word asshole, which is mandatory in the description.